Hey there! My name is Taz and I am an asian indigenous illustrator and merchmaker! Thanks for checking out my stuff!

If you were apart of the Thanzag Pin preorders, check here for updates!Backing cards and the stickers have been ordered! Shipping will move forward September.


I've been involved in a lot of projects over the years! Here's all the work I've done!


"Unmask The Truth" A The Batman FanbookHead mod, shipping, financing, art and organization
"Turnabout Cinema" An Ace Attorney ZineFinance mod
"Gotham City: Unmasked" A Batman FanbookHead mod, shipping, financing, art and organization.
"The Buddy System" A The Penumbra Podcast ZineHead mod, shipping, financing, art and organization. Raised over 2.5k for the Native American Covid Relief Fund


"Unnecessary Feelings" A Narumitsu ZinePage Artist
"Sincerity" A Sylvain Gautier ZinePage Artist
"Garreg Mach Yearbook" An FE3H ZinePage and Portrait Artist
"Lost and Found" An FE3H ZineGuest Page Artist
"Fell Stars, Fated Skies" An FE3H Astrology BookPage Artist
"My Gay Awakening"Page Artist
"The Calorum Cookbook: Recipes to Reunite the Concord" An A Crown of Candy CookbookGuest Merch Artist
"Turnabout Tarot" An Ace Attorney Tarot DeckCard Artist
"Legacies" A Batgirl FanzineMerch Artist
"A Promise of Red" An Asoryuu FanzineMerch Artist
"Lover" A Sylvain Gautier FanbookMerch Artist
"Oldbags" An Ace Attorney ZinePage Artist